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Well I'm bored at work.. am couinting down the minutes till I can go home

YAY for no work tomorrow.. YAY for ANZAC DAY!!! :D

Thanks to all the courageous soldiers who gave their lives on both WW to keep our country free!!! I love you all!! :)

Yup thats right.. got tomorrow off.. am going to the horse races.. getting absolutely shattered and am hoping to play 2-Up!!!

Well whats been going on in the world of mel lately???

nothing much.. have settled into the house pretty much.. it's soo good!! I love the freedom that we have now.. and the fact that I don't have to do everyhting for everyone anymore.. I come home from work and dinner is usually mostly done.. all I ahve to do really is the washing and the cleaning.. Danny takes care of most of the other stuff.. it doesn't feel like a month since we moved in.. Have finally gotten our own phone line, and the electricity transferred into our names.. think thats all we need to do... LOL

djanabel - thanks for the nice words.. but sadly you won't be seeing me in any more photo shoots for a while!! :D

went to my first 21st the other weekend.. was such a blast!! got so written off and was so sick the following day.. it's was much fun!! :D
May post some pics later
Can't wait to start organising my 21st.. can't believe i'm that old already!! :D

well I'm off now - have got a 400 phone bill to audit now.. YAY *not*

Love to all..

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