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1. What made you smile today?

Danny leaving a reminder on my Mobile for me to see when I got to work...

2. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?

Walking back from the shops

3. Something that happened to you in 1985?

I was made into a person in 1985.. the year that I was born :)

4. Your prom night?

We call it a Formal.. but it was crap.. I was sick with tonsilitis.. wanted to die.. not have photos taken of me all night!!

5. Last thing you said aloud?

'No Brett didn't try to run me over at Subway'

6. Last thing someone else said aloud?

Mark asked me if Brett tried t o run me over in the carpark at Subway

7. What is your favorite part of the day?

That moment where I open the door and Danny ahs the best smile on his face as he comes and gives me hugs and asks me how my day went... that first cuddle is the best moment of my day... Sooky I know!!! hehe

8. Your current To-do list?
Send mobiles away to be repaired, email Telstra about statistics on our phone lines, do about 50 ADSL applications, and compile a list of every IT person in my company, and what country they are in, and what plants they attend to... YUCK!!! HELP!!!

9. Where is your best friend right now?

Danny - Working.. prolly bludging though
Megan - Sleeping - She finishes work at 8am
Shane - Working

10. Last thing you bought?

6inch Subway for lunch,a dn the new Cleo magazine

11. Favorite mug?

MY Gorgeous Greg Murphy cup - it annoys Danny when I use it!

12. Describe your keychain:
A keychain?? I have a butterly keyring, one form California.. it has thongs on it and says california, work door key, filing cabinet key, 2 house keys, car key, and car doorunlocker thingie

13. What kind of winter coat do you have?

Nice long black coat.. kinda plaid material, but all black... very warm!!

14. Last rainbow you saw?

When I was in the Blue Mountains a couple of weeks ago

15. Something you are excited about?

Shara's 21st on Saturday, and teh girls night I'm going to tomorrow night!!
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