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eBay rules that New Zealand not for sale

Friday May 12 17:27 AEST
AP - New Zealand is not for sale, despite somebody in Australia trying to offload the nation of 4 million to the highest online bidder.

With a starting offer of just one cent, brisk bidding for the prime chunk of South Pacific real estate quickly boosted the price to $A3,000 before eBay pulled the plug on the auction this week.

"Clearly New Zealand is not for sale," eBay Australia spokesman Daniel Feiler told the New Zealand Press Association, adding that 22 bids had been made before the company acted.

"There are the occasional quirky items put up," he added. "We have a look at them and if they are OK we leave them. But if it is something that can't be sold, we take them off."

The trader, who has not been identified but thought to be from Queensland, advertised NZ as having the "dodgiest America's Cup win ever ... and very ordinary weather".

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