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weekends go by so quickly....

First full weekend in the new place was good - apart from the slight breakdown in had on Sat night it was perfect!!

sat was spent doing washing and then heading to Danny's mum's place for a 'Body Shop' Party.. ended up putting in an order for $100 worth of nice smelly stuff!!!! :D

Sat Megan and I went straight to the club and met Danny and his mate there - they were watching Footy and playing pool.. then went home early.. had the fore mentioned breakdown.. got Danny pissed at me.. then spent half the night watching him sleep.. I hate getting him angry - it's the closest we have come to having an arguement.. it was kinda horrible..

Anyways.. Sunday went over to Dad's while Danny was at work, and watched the first round of the V8's with him.. he is lonley without me being there, coz he never see's Matt anymore.. so he was happy to see me.. have invited him over to our palce on Sunday so he can watch the Aussie F1 at our house!!

last night we went food shopping for the first time.. coz we now have a fridge, we can buy lots more stuff!!!
We are getting a bloody beautiful 106cm Plasma TV this afternoon and a Microwave, and on Wednesday our brand new dining/lounge package is getting delivered.... Can't wait!!! :D :D

Will post nice pics of our furnished house when we get the furniture!!! :D

Love Melissa

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